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July 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

First off, this date was hot and humid as all get out. My (Matt) shirt was drenched by time we were done. That is drenched as in I could wring it out. I'm sorry if I smelled really bad. We had already cancelled the shoots once because of storms and moved them later in the week. We didn't want to reschedule again, so we braved the elements. It was hot. Not the best environment for little girls who are changing in and out of princess dresses that basically stick to you. Anyway, here are some of the best of the day. 

First up was A and G. 

Lindsay already knew A and they rekindled their friendship. Apparently, A only wanted to go to Kindergarten if Lindsay would be there :)

It took a while for G to warm up to us. But he eventually did crack a smile or two. :)

Next up was L. She was downright hilarious, obsessed with princesses, and has the best facial expressions. :) 

Next up was Miss H, who brought some spunk in her Cinderella dress. She turned it on for the camera. :)

Next up were siblings K and K. Miss K was so sweet.

And her brother, K, was a bundle of energy as he played in the creek. I think it took him about 3 seconds to get his feet all muddy. :)

Lindsay wanted to get in the water with K. I decided to let her get in instead. ;) I'm not really into squishy stuff on my feet without any boots on. I have really sensitive feet. Make fun of me all you want, but I've never been able to walk across a gravel driveway without it really hurting. :)  Lindsay shot some pictures toward K for a while. Then, she handed me the camera. 

This next one went like this:

"Hey K, look at me for a second." Click. Off he went. He looked at me for about 1/2 a second and poof, he was off exploring. I think it came out pretty well. Lenz was a little jealous. 

Next up was W and E. We started off with W, and then a big surprise happened. Officer Calloway of the Plainfield Police Department happened to drive by on patrol at that time. W's dad took off to inform him of W's plans for the shoot that W was dressing up as a police officer and he thought it would be cool to have some pictures with the squad car. Little did we know, Officer Calloway, was super nice and showed W all of his gear and let him use some SWAT team gear in his shoot. We really appreciated Officer Calloway taking time out of his day, to make the day for W. He'll have an amazing story to tell forever. 

Finally Miss E got her turn. She waited so patiently at the impromptu shoot that Officer Calloway helped with. 

There's a funny story about the bubbles, but I'll just say there was a funny story and leave it at that. :)

Ariel and Flounder. 

Listening to a "shell phone." :) 

Mr. Bear definitely stayed imaginarily hydrated today. 

While E was finished up, W just decided to have his own conversation and tea with Mr. Bear. Mr. Bear is a pretty good listener. 

Finally, Miss E ended the evening at sunset on this crazy hot and humid day. We booked right through all of her outfit changes despite the mugginess. 

All in all, it was a great day. Yes, it was hot, humid, muggy, and full of sweat, but it was also full of so much joy as these little princesses (and a couple fisherman, and a police officer) were transported to imaginary places. 

Matt + Lindsay


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