We're a husband and wife photo team. She likes Sprite. He likes Sweet Tea. 

Okay, this is the story about how we got into this photography business - about 8 years ago when Lindsay's brother got married, they needed a photographer.  We had a fancy point-n-shoot that we got the year before because we wanted to take pics on our honeymoon.  So, yes. We shot our first wedding.  We loved it and today it's what we do when we're not doing something else. :) We decided to take a break from photography while our own children were young, but we've decided to put ourselves back in the saddle again. 
We pretty much work as a team and feed off of each other.  Most of the time, the camera is glued to Matt's hands, but Lindsay is prone to snaggin' a couple pics also.  Our style is very laid back. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible while giving you some amazing images. We mainly use God's light (Sun), but occasionally, we'll pull out some man-made light (flash).
Just some FYI about us - We're both coaches (Matt - Basketball, Lindsay - Cheerleading at Elite Cheer & Dance). Lindsay loves scrapbooking. Matt loves sports.  We both love our amazing dog, Claire.  Matt likes starry nights and pretty much anything you can cook on a grill. We're also both teachers. Lindsay is a preschool teacher. Matt teaches 6th grade social studies. Lindsay likes to shop at Wal*Mart at Midnight, because there is no one there. Matt likes to knit socks, ok, not really :)

Photo credit to the uber talented Amanda Trebley Photography