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It's been a long time, probably 3-4 years or so, that we took a break from photography. Over that time, we've doubled our family size to 4 and have devoted most of our time to raising our family. It's been fun, challenging, and amazing all in one. They've gotten a little older and we've missed being behind the lens. During our "retirement" phase, it has been refreshing getting asked many times for us to capture memories and moments for friends and families. We just weren't able to keep up with everything and didn't want to commit to something that would take us a while to get back on our end. 

After watching from afar, it's been neat to watch the photography industry change over time.  Cameras have gotten better, editing software has improved, the way we did "business" from 5 years ago almost isn't relevant anymore. We've decided to streamline some things to make it easier on our end. We're shooting more simply, more about moments, and more about relationships. It's not about the portrait, but about the person in the portrait. I think after having our own kids, we have a better feel for what really is important. Instead of making a shot, it's more about letting the moment unfold and capturing that instant in time. I want our shoots to be more relaxed this time around and filled with more joy and laughter. It's not that before wasn't, it just felt more like a job that needed to be done. I didn't really like that feeling. It felt more like a burden. So we've decided to schedule things a little better. A little more relaxed and a little more chill. 

Lindsay has some current ideas up her sleeve. Honestly, I think she's missed it more than I did. Her mind never really stops thinking about ideas for shoots, poses, and the business side of photography. 

As we get back into this realm, I hope you'll consider us. 


Matt and Lindsay

Crowned Prints


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